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All our concerts will be held in a Covid-19 secure manner, and are all able to go ahead in line with current government guidance (the now-delayed relaxing of restrictions on 19th July has no impact on indoor concert-giving, which has been allowed since May). The safety of our performers and audience members is naturally of great concern, and so we have instituted certain procedures to ensure this.

The audience will be socially distanced at our concerts, with separation between each household group (maximum of 6 people).


The audience size is limited to approximately 30% of the total capacity of the venue. St John the Baptist Church is a large, airy venue, and doors will remain open until the music begins, ensuring excellent ventilation.


We ask that all members of the audience wear a mask in the venue unless officially exempt or having drinks, which can only be consumed inside whilst seated.

We encourage all members of the audience to take a Rapid Lateral Flow Test for Covid-19 in advance of attending concerts. We ask that anyone who receives a positive test or is displaying symptoms of Covid-19 not attend the concert and request a refund instead.


We also heartily encourage all members of the audience to receive their vaccination when possible, as the safest way to avoid Covid-19.